Change of purpose / status of agricultural land


Change of use of agricultural land (also forest, meadow and other non-urbanized areas) for other purposes may be granted to private owners primarily at: – Construction of technical infrastructure. – Extension and change of boundaries of existing urban areas – Construction with special purpose (e.g. sites for production of electricity from renewable energy sources such as […]


Change of purpose / status of property


For a project to change the use of separate unit in a building look here. To change the status of agricultural land look here The change of purpose (status, designation, use) of property is done with a PUP regulation plan: PUP-IPZ: plan for development of a plot or PUP-IPRZ if there is  a need to clarify […]


Changing the status of properties: frequently asked questions


Basic information about project: – Change of use of separate unit in a building. – Change of property use. Other frequently asked questions and answers: – What are the necessary documents for the initiation of a change of use? The required documents are: 1. Proof of ownership (copy) 2. Building Permit License ticket, certificate of […]

смяна предназначение

Project for change of use of a building – Bulgaria


For change of use of land property (statut pozemlen imot) look here.  The project for change of use/status (smqna prednaznachenie) is a special kind of investment project under Bulgarian building legislation, proving the possibility of a building’s or part of a building’s function to be changed. Examples from our practice are projects to change the status […]

Капандури, табакери - таван

Attic renovation into lofts – Bulgaria


      Reconstruction and lifting of existing loft in attic floors by dormers, turrets and superstructure in Bulgaria. Many houses, apartment blocks and buildings built more than 30 years have extensive attics that are not fully exploited. This is due to the old building technologies requiring a certain slope of the roof (30-50 percent), additional […]

smqna na prednaznachenie

Смяна на предназначение на магазин


Извадка от записка на проект за преустройство и смяна на предназначение на магазин в детски център. Повече за процедурата за смяна на статут можете да прочете тук. Проектът третира преустройство на помещения на магазин за смяна на предназначение в детски център.   Съществуващо положение: Съществуващата жилищна сграда е разположена в източната част на парцела, на […]


Reconstruction and renovation of existing buildings


The reconstruction and renovation of existing buildings in Bulgaria is specific and difficult work without a ready recipe for design and implementation. Only many successful projects provide of examination needed to find a specific solution for each case. Contact us for advice on your needed reconstruction.     above: reconstruction and upgrading of the house; […]

Преустройство на индустриална сграда

Преустройство на индустриална сграда


Смяна на предназначение на производствена сграда в София. С промяната на начина ни на живот в града, е нужна и промяна на начина, по който ползваме вече изградените сгради. Тази шивачна фабрика в центъра на София, до Женски пазар вече не може да се ползва като такава, но големите ѝ и светли помещения могат да бъдат адаптирани към различни нови дейности. Едновременно с това, проблемно е намирането на правилната нова, устойчива функция и свързаните с това разходи по преустройството.