“We want to thank Мehandjiev Аrchitects for designing the awesome “Lean” co-work desks for us. Our office underwent a complete makeover thanks to them and work is even more of a pleasure now.”
K. Kanev, Lean Digital Solutions

“…Having Mehandjiev’s pragmatic and creative consultancy on the project means we can deliver both a project that works really well for us, as well as do the right thing for the house and the immediate environment.  My trust in his vision and capabilities mean I highly recommend his work and advice when looking at projects in Bulgaria.”
M. Wooder, House renovation, Gela, Rhodopi

“…Dimitar contributed with commitment and professionalism in building the first coworking space in Plovdiv….Arch. Mehandjiev created  the design and led the construction from the initial idea development to finishing every single furniture detail. He is motivated, independent and able to solve problems in a creative way….”
I. Djeferov, Cowoking office Biz labs, Plovdiv

“We are grateful to architect Dimitar Mehandjiev for the realization of our dream – to build a house around a tree in the summer of 2016….He skillfully  guided the process with rational actions, but mostly with his heart. It is the people who identify with their jobs and experience enjoyment from it … Thank you, Mitko! We heartily wish you many similar ventures that are not only valuable with architectural features, but mostly with the happiness and wonderful emotions they arise! To be a “Dealer of happiness” is the most wonderful vocation in this world!”
Popovi family, Treehouse, Iskar, Sofia

“…Our first consultation with arch. Mehandjiev was before we bought the property – an old townhouse and even then he won our trust. Months later, we assigned him to develop all design parts for domestic reconstruction and upgrade of the house, and to to obtain a building permit. We licked his ability to listen and offer pragmatic solutions that mathced our expectations. We also followed his recommendations on the selection of a builder and continue consultations with him and his team during project execution.”
family. Petkov, upgrading a house, Plovdiv