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Schemes for evacuation

By Mehandjiev-architects, 01.2015

Evacuation schemes and plans show the means of evacuation and placement of fire extinguishing means in building so that in case of fire people can leave quickly and safely. These follow Bulgarian norms, such as Ordn. № 8121з-647 – 10/2014

For the needs of our clients, offices, shops, public buildings and other, we prepare evacuation schemes and plans for fire safety. They include graphical part with escape routes, firefighting mean, and text part (plan) with instructions for action in such situations.

For the preparation of evacuation plans are used “Architecture” and “Fire Safety” of the building, or when these are not available – an architectural survey of the property is done.

Sample evacuation plan:

евакуационна схема / схема за евакуация

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