Preparation of placement schemes

By Mehandjiev-architects, 01.2015

Schemes for placing “movable objects” (shemi za postavqne na premestvaemi obekti) are drawings required in the municipality for permission to use the land – municipal property (streets, sidewalks, squares and park areas – so called sidewalk right, “trotoarno pravo”).

They are required at:

– Commercial outdoor activities, such as kiosks, selling food and beverages;
– Deploying mobile equipment at stationary retail outlets, such as stalls for food and other goods, refrigerators;
– Placing tables and chairs to eat outdoors, including podiums;
– Fairs, festivals for sale of goods;
– Other fair activities – shooting ranges, motor swings, children electric vehicles and others.
– Placement of ad units on municipal or state land

The schemes provide precise guidance on the size, type, function and placement of advertising or movable objects on the street, sidewalk or other municipal entity. The sketch shows also distances to other sites, buildings and vegetation.

схема за поставяне проект

схема за поставяне

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