Change of purpose / status of property

By Mehandjiev-architects, 02.2016

For a project to change the use of separate unit in a building look here.

To change the status of agricultural land look here

The change of purpose (status, designation, use) of property is done with a PUP regulation plan:

PUP-IPZ: plan for development of a plot or PUP-IPRZ if there is  a need to clarify boundaries or the property was unregulated PI before.

смяна статут на имот

above: PUP-IPRZ to change the status of a property for a tourist building

The detailed development plan (PUP, “podroben ustroistven plan”) is a graphic document that clarifies predictions about the construction and use of a given territory, an area of the village or specific property. PUP is of great importance to the process of development, because its predictions are mandatory for investment projects, and the procedure for its creation and coordination with institutions is long and not easy.

The new or amendment of PUP for status status goes through several stages:

– Application for admission of making / changing PUP

The request for elaboration or change the detailed development plan is accompanied by a sketch (reasoned proposal for PUP) clarifying what are the investment plans of the owner: function buildings – borders, floors, infrastructure and other elements of future construction.

– Preparation of project for developing / modifying PUP

извадка - пуп

– Coordination of project

The authorization for execution in the municipality shows which other institutions must be coordinated with – for example, El., Plumbing, heating and other distribution companies, Green Systems, Organisation and traffic safety, RIOSV. All involved institutions prepare coordinating opinions.

– Submission of project

The project, in parts Architecture and Surveying, with all the necessary information and coordination letters is submitted for processing in the municipality.

– Announcement of the project

The final draft of PUP is reported by municipality by notice to the interested parties – neighbors and co-owners. Within two weeks they can make written comments on the draft at the municipal administration. Within one month after the deadline for appealing the project together with any objections, suggestions and requests for project development plan is considered by the municipal expert council.

The order approving the detailed plan comes into force after the expiry of the appeal or the date of its confirmation by the court when it was challenged. When the PUP is approved and the property has changed use, the owner can begin investment projects – making new sketches of the property and visas for design.

We can assist you in the preparation, coordination and proceeding of PUP regulation plans for change of use.



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