мотивирано предложение

Architectural visa motivated proposal in Bulgaria

By Mehandjiev-architects, 01.2015

When submitting documents for visa to design (or plan for development) of building, reconstruction or facility in Bulgaria, you will be requested by the municipality architect to prepare in advance an informative sketch – a motivated proposal (motivirano predlojenie).

It is a drawing on an underlay scheme of your property with indicated:
– Construction boundaries (size of building you want to build) and distances to the property borders;
– Type, height and other information needed for the new building or facility;
– Existing buildings and structures on the property and distances from them to the future ones;
For us to prepare a motivated  visa proposal, you must provide us with a current combined* scheme (scica) of the property.

мотивирано предложение

Above: a graphic sample of a motivated proposal for visa for a house

*combined sketch/scheme is a drawing made by a licensed geodesic surveyor and shows all borders of the property – municipality, cadastre (which may be differ to some degree due to different measurement systems), and adjacent streets, also buildings and fences on it. It is best to make it together with a general geodesic survey of the property, which you will later need for the design part of the project and for construction.

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