Geological survey

By Mehandjiev-architects, 01.2015

Our specialists prepare geotechnical report as part of the preliminary data collected before the start of the investment design in Bulgaria.

Its main objective is to determine the bearing capacity of the soil in the property thereby determine the future size and depth of the support bases of the buildings and facilities in it. This makes it very important to determine the cost and complexity of the future construction.
The study includes an analysis of historical data, taking samples on site and testing them in a laboratory.
Archived data – from previous studies in the area, historical geological maps and laboratory samples serve as the basis for the study of place.
Then the grading is inspected, looking for anomalies, data on physical and geological events are studied, the hydrological conditions. At least at two locations in the field are carried out manual or mechanized exploration drilling at depth according to the needs of the future project.

From this is cleared whether  could be expected negative physical and geological phenomena such as subsidence pits, landslides, floods and seismic impact larger than the planned for the area. According to the above data and seismic maps and micro regions the expected level of seismic impact in the property is calculated.

геоложки доклад-пропадане


We are available for more information and preparing a geological report of your property.

геоложки доклад

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