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Geodetic survey of a plot – Bulgaria

By Mehandjiev-architects, 01.2015

The geodetic survey (геодезическо проучване, geodezichesko prouchvane) is a detailed drawing of the surface of a property, containing data on height, slope, topography, also natural and technological elements and trees.

Licensed specialists prepare surveying of a property as a preliminary part of the investment project design. Refer to our team for more information on the needed survey for:

– Design of a new building or facility, incl. tachymeter photo of tree species
– To prepare a combined sketch for a motivated proposal and design visa
– Design the reconstruction, extension and upgrade of the existing building, incl. with elevation and cornice measurements
– For preparation and modification of PUP regulation plans
– For entering a building and / or engineering lines (over- and underground linear eng. paths: plumbing, electricity, heating, gas, communications networks) in the cadastre
– For changes in the cadastre – in errors in cadastral maps, property boundary changes, joining or division of property and others.
– For issuance of certificate of tolerance of an illegal building
– For surveys and control during building construction of foundations, axles, reached levels and more.
– For preparation of landscaping, tracing plan and earth mass cartogram of investment projects
– For 3d shooting of facades of buildings (culture monuments and others).

It is part of the preliminary studies of a property when planning and design of buildings and structures on it, and in some specific cases listed above. It is done on site by professionals with specialized equipment, the data afterwards processed and presented in graphical format, certified by an engineer surveyor.

Examples of geodetic images of varying complexity:

gгеодезическа снимка /заснемане геодезическа снимка /заснемане


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