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By Mehandjiev-architects, 01.2015

The concept of the open (shared) office is a place where every customer can go and use a desk, conference room and general office space for the time he needs. This is the first such office space in Plovdiv.

The place we had to turn into a co-office was unfurnished rooms in a new office building Legis with a total area of 107 square. The small size was a major challenge for the proper solution of the office – we had to work on a combination of functions and careful, specific furniture design.

We divided the bigger hall into “fix”: a place for regular customers with larger fixed desks, and a small conference room for meetings and VOIP calls.
Particular attention was paid to the acoustics of the conference room. Poor acoustics can be attributed to two factors: the penetration of noise from other rooms and echo inside the room from acoustically reflective surfaces. Often this combination of factors makes speech difficult to discern, especially for skype or other conversations. So our solution included a special soundproof window and  irregular geometry tailored to the acoustic requirements, sound absorbing ceiling and furniture in the room.

Hall “flex” – for more mobile customers – needed be able to turn quickly into a lecture and events hall. A major problem here was the required cabling works and the need for its change in case of their location in the room. And we, and customers were strongly against the standard solution with mobile strips that encircle the floor.

For this purpose we prototyped and developed a system of folding desks, combined with an extension cord, which can change its place in different combinations without having to pass new cables.

Breaked geometry desks and furniture combines functionality with getaway from the idea of a typical office space.

Interior design team: arch. Dimitar Mehandjiev, arch. Julia Dukova

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