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Prices for Construction in Bulgaria


Tentative Average Prices for Construction of Different Types of Buildings, June 2018. № Building type Average prices for categories – EUR Average prices for categories – LEV     standart improved lux. standart improved lux. 1 Two-storey family house 374 432 504 733 845 986 2 Single storey monolithic commercial building 437 470 515 855 […]

пасивна къща (http://kurtstruve.com/)

The passive house


The topic of passive, low-energy and positive energy houses and buildings becomes more and more popular in Bulgaria because of the need for modern buildings whose maintenance and use is low cost, comfortable and sustainable over time. In short, the passive house needs a little (and for most of the year no) energy to maintain […]


Architectural dictionary (Bulgarian)


Кратък съвременен архитектурен речник, даващ определение на основните термини от българската архитектурна практика: Архитектура, Градоустройство, Строителство.