избор на къща

Advices on buying a house in Bulgaria


Below you will find a list of the most important aspects and possible problems when purchasing an existing house / building in Bulgaria. Often buyers can not rely on objective help from their consultants and agents who have a vested interest in the sale, so consultation with independant specialists: architects, engineers and lawyers, is very important. […]


architectural survey of a building


Архитектурното заснемане представлява точно измерване на всички стени, отвори (прозорци и врати), нива и други елементи в помещенията на даден обект, на неговата височина, материали, конструкция….

пасивна къща (http://kurtstruve.com/)

The passive house


The topic of passive, low-energy and positive energy houses and buildings becomes more and more popular in Bulgaria because of the need for modern buildings whose maintenance and use is low cost, comfortable and sustainable over time. In short, the passive house needs a little (and for most of the year no) energy to maintain […]

къща проект

Advices on choosing a property for a house in Bulgaria


A list of the most important aspects and possible problems when buying a property for construction. If you need advice, our team can help you with a detailed analysis of your chosen property. 1. Legal aspects: – regulation: Is you plot PI or UPI (unregulated or regulated)? You can only build on UPI, so you will […]


Certificate of tolerance


(udostoverenie za tarpimost) A building whose construction documents are missing, is considered by law (ZUT) “an illegal construction”, although paradoxically it may be registered in the cadastre, have a notary act, be present in municipal plans, records in the Registry Agency, or even be monument culture. Many homeowners and prospective buyers make the mistake of thinking […]


Vertical planning (grading project)


The vertical planning is part of the construction project, prepared by a surveyor and is a description of the modeling of the existing terrain to accommodate new buildings and facilities. above – excerpt from Vertical planning of a building with sports facilities It sets all heights and slopes of landings trails and roads, external stairs, […]


Plan for waste management


Plan for waste management shall be made when designing new buildings larger than 300m2 particular, and for conversions and change of use of buildings larger than 500m2. Its main objective is to minimize the ecological footprint of construction and use the building by controlling the quantity, type and mode of transport and treatment (recycling, landfilling, etc.) […]


Change of purpose / status of agricultural land


Change of use of agricultural land (also forest, meadow and other non-urbanized areas) for other purposes may be granted to private owners primarily at: – Construction of technical infrastructure. – Extension and change of boundaries of existing urban areas – Construction with special purpose (e.g. sites for production of electricity from renewable energy sources such as […]


Change of purpose / status of property


For a project to change the use of separate unit in a building look here. To change the status of agricultural land look here The change of purpose (status, designation, use) of property is done with a PUP regulation plan: PUP-IPZ: plan for development of a plot or PUP-IPRZ if there is  a need to clarify […]

Drawing architecture 250x250

pro bono design


Mehandjiev architects ltd. offers its services without or with reduced fees in the following cases: – Non-governmental organizations (associations, foundations, community centers, etc.) in projects with social or support their activities; – Starting businesses with an innovative character; – Environmental initiatives and projects that contribute to better living environment; – Large families with limited opportunities; […]


required additional documents to investment projects


To start different procedures in Bulgarian municipal services related to the creation of investment projects for construction, it is necessary to provide a comprehensive set of additional documents. Besides an application form, filled in the municipality office, you need to also provide:   a. Issuance of a design visa: 1. Current cadastre agency (AGKK, SGKK) scheme 2. Proof […]


dimensions in the kitchen


Some optimum dimensions and distances between cabinets and appliances in the kitchen:


Changing the status of properties: frequently asked questions


Basic information about project: – Change of use of separate unit in a building. – Change of property use. Other frequently asked questions and answers: – What are the necessary documents for the initiation of a change of use? The required documents are: 1. Proof of ownership (copy) 2. Building Permit License ticket, certificate of […]

смяна предназначение

Project for change of use of a building – Bulgaria


For change of use of land property (statut pozemlen imot) look here.  The project for change of use/status (smqna prednaznachenie) is a special kind of investment project under Bulgarian building legislation, proving the possibility of a building’s or part of a building’s function to be changed. Examples from our practice are projects to change the status […]


Investment project contents


(Български) Обхватът на инвестиционните проекти в зависимост от вида, предназначението, големината и местоположението на проектираните обекти и изискванията към проектните решения може да включва следните проектни части: 1. части за архитектура и конструкции: а) архитектурна; б) интериор и обзавеждане; в) конструктивна;


Preparation of placement schemes


Schemes for placing “movable objects” (shemi za postavqne na premestvaemi obekti) are drawings required in the municipality for permission to use the land – municipal property (streets, sidewalks, squares and park areas – so called sidewalk right, “trotoarno pravo”). They are required at: – Commercial outdoor activities, such as kiosks, selling food and beverages; – […]


Ordinance on movable and advertising elements – Sofia


Ordinance on movable objects for advertising, information and monumental decorations and advertising activities on the territory of Sofia Municipality( In Bulgarian): The content of the regulation is relaxed from normative expressions for easier reading. To view the original text you should refer to sofiacouncil.bg ЧАСТ ПЪРВА Монументално-декоративни преместваеми обекти, рекламни, информационни и монументално-декоративни елементи Глава […]

мотивирано предложение

Architectural visa motivated proposal in Bulgaria


When submitting documents for visa to design (or plan for development) of building, reconstruction or facility in Bulgaria, you will be requested by the municipality architect to prepare in advance an informative sketch – a motivated proposal (motivirano predlojenie). It is a drawing on an underlay scheme of your property with indicated: – Construction boundaries (size […]

геодезист теодолит

Geodetic survey of a plot – Bulgaria


The geodetic survey (геодезическо проучване, geodezichesko prouchvane) is a detailed drawing of the surface of a property, containing data on height, slope, topography, also natural and technological elements and trees. Licensed specialists prepare surveying of a property as a preliminary part of the investment project design. Refer to our team for more information on the needed […]


Geological survey


(Български) Инженерно-геоложкият доклад е част от предварителните данни, които се събират преди започването на инвестиционното проектиране. Основната му цел е да определи носимоспособността на почвата в имота като по този начин да предопредели бъдещият размер и дълбочина на носещите основи на сградите и съоръженията в него. Това го прави много важно за цената и сложността на строежа.

D:ARCH WORKMladost Detski centurdrawingsFINALFINAL2PBPB_1

Schemes for evacuation


Evacuation schemes and plans show the means of evacuation and placement of fire extinguishing means in building so that in case of fire people can leave quickly and safely. These follow Bulgarian norms, such as Ordn. № 8121з-647 – 10/2014 For the needs of our clients, offices, shops, public buildings and other, we prepare evacuation schemes […]


PUP regulation plans


Refer to our team for help on design, proceed and coordination of the needed plans. Often, before the start of the design of the building on the property, the preparation of an (urban) regulation plan is required, to clarifies usage and building position on it. The detailed development plan (PUP, “podroben ustroistven plan”) is a […]

конструктивно становище

Preparation of a construction/structural statement


The constructive opinion/statement (konstruktivno stanovishte) is a prepared and stamped by a structural engineer official document describing the state of a structure. t is done for projects without structural interventions of the main building structure: for example some renovations, change of use, design and changes in local parts of the structure (removal of walls, construction of […]


Calculating area of property in Bulgaria


Often the question arises about the exact size of apartment (housing) or other property (shops, workshops, offices, offices, etc.) which our customers want to buy (sell, rent, etc.).  Warning: Many builders and vendors sell properties with added general building shares to its actual area. (e.g. if given property is 10% of the whole building, this area of […]


Project for a division of housing or other property


How to prepare a project for subdivision of a dwelling house or other type of building in co-ownership in Bulgaria: Many homes in Bulgaria are under joint ownership. This occurs mostly in inheritance of property. This, however, poses a number of restrictions on the use of individual property – repair, renovation, reconstruction and sale are […]

малко ателие дизайн

Differentiation of a separate dwelling


We are often contacted by clients who want to adapt other type of premises into residential or divide existing dwelling / house of two or more. Here we explain what “residence – жилище,” is according to Bulgarian laws, and what are the requirements for creating or subdividing one. Any separate residence is a comprehensive system of […]

Капандури, табакери - таван

Attic renovation into lofts – Bulgaria


      Reconstruction and lifting of existing loft in attic floors by dormers, turrets and superstructure in Bulgaria. Many houses, apartment blocks and buildings built more than 30 years have extensive attics that are not fully exploited. This is due to the old building technologies requiring a certain slope of the roof (30-50 percent), additional […]


Проект Временна организация на движението


Проектът ВОД представлява необходимите временни промени върху уличното платно, когато в строителен или монтажен прилежащ обект се извършват дейности, които могат да застрашат безопасността на движението на пътя.
Изготвя се за бетонови работи с техника, изграждане на сградни водопроводни отклонения, монтаж на съоръжения и други случаи.
Промените в организацията на движение са сигнализирани с временни пътни знаци, показвани на чертеж.


въпроси и отговори – преустройство


Извадка от кореспонденцията ни с различни клиенти по въпросите на преустройство, при-  и надстрояване, смяна на предназначение, реконструкция, вътрешни промени на сгради и жилища (за търсене по ключова дума, натиснете Ctrl+F): 1.Имам подобна на къща от вашия сайт, която искам да реконструирам, надстроя и пристроя. Какви проекти ще са ми нужни за изпълнението и разрешението за […]

детски център

Проектиране на детска градина


При проектиране на детски градини се спазват строгите правила, определени от Норми за проектиране на детски и учебно-възпитателни заведения (1988, дадени по-долу). Те определят минимални площи на дете, наличие на здравен кабинет, определени нормативи при подготовката на храна и други. При проектирането на детски игрални центрове се следват изискванията на Наредба за условията и безопасността […]