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New page – preliminary project prices


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samples of furniture – House of Cinema


Some of the furniture we developed for the House of Cinema project. Focus of our work is the simplicity, the purity of detail and multifunctionality.


Lean cowork desk


A desk prototype for Lean Digital Solutions:


Architectural dialogues Bucharest


Bucharest is probably the most architecturally interesting Balkan capital. Here successfully coexist very different periods of development – architectural and economical, clearly evident that the country and the city had a more successful history of other major cities in the region. Planned extensively, the city covers more than 2 million people and shows various interesting […]


Partenocissus – vines and creepers


Our favorite is one of the most beautiful vines, Parthenocissus, with its wonderful colors. Green in summer and yellow and red with blue berries in the fall, it loves brick walls and if adequate moisture and light, quickly covers them. Unpretentious and sustainable, Parthenocissus, can quickly hide ruined facades, and this old house in Bucharest:


The last tobacco warehouse in Plovdiv


We were approached by the owners of one of the last preserved buildings in the so called Tobacco quarter in Plovdiv:   with unique, completely wooden construction: Currently, the architectural heritage in the city is being renovated in this way…:


Open project Blue bike stand


We need help with the development of the project Blue bike stand (to build safe places to lock bikes on parking lots of Blue and Green Zone in central Sofia.). You can follow project development here. f you want to get involved in the design, proceeding to project through the institutions of the municipality, to invest in […]


Cinema house Sofia – lobby renovation


We are beginning an interesting project for remodelling the foyer of the House of Cinema into a multifunctional space Cush.be Social #квАРТал    


kvARTal architectural walks


Our Saturday architectural walk, part of the kvARTal festival, https: //www.facebook.com/events/1770077556537824/. We talked about how the neighborhood has formed between the boulevards Dondukov, Maria Luisa, Slivnitsa and Levski in the past 120 years: what are the main types buildings, how they were used before, and how they can be used in the future, what are the interesting […]

architect services consultation

May holidays


 Happy May holidays – we announce a design discount and competition for customers by the end of May!!  


Varna library competition


We participated in the competition for Library Varna together with AIA architects. View the project here.


house for all


Our social project for a house upgrade for a family with five children is ready:

news archive (Bulgarian) 2014-4.2015


4.2015 Частично преустройство на къща в Симеоново – освен предизвикателни, подобни “леки” проекти могат да доведат до много ефектни резултати – в случая усвояване на ненужни (за къща с двор) тераси и увеличаване на детските стаи и изграждане на трапезария. 3.2015 С очакваното съживяване на европейските програми, например “Развитие на селските райони“, към нас се […]

Drawing architecture 250x250

pro bono design


Mehandjiev architects ltd. offers its services without or with reduced fees in the following cases: – Non-governmental organizations (associations, foundations, community centers, etc.) in projects with social or support their activities; – Starting businesses with an innovative character; – Environmental initiatives and projects that contribute to better living environment; – Large families with limited opportunities; […]

архитектура избор имот къща

guesthouse in Troyan


The result of the “My Dream House” competition: a pro bono idea project for a guest-house in the picturesque village of Beli Osum near Troyan. At the beautiful scenery in the region known for its construction traditions, we had to include a new building in an the ensemble of existing residential and commercial buildings. The small […]

front left merry christmas

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas and a lot of warmth at the family hearth (visualization of afamily villa at Iskar dam, ongoing project)!