Tiny homes – Chicago

By Mehandjiev-architects, 01.2016

The project proposal Pitch explores the balance between individual and community space, creating a series of homes to be inspired at, feel safe, and to prepare for the great big world young people step out into everyday.

The project site is laid out so that there are no blind spots and that light reaches every square foot of its courtyard. All modules are oriented towards a central space to interact and communicate.

Each Pitch module has its own own gable, lap siding, and bench porch. Offset in plan, varying colors gives each a feeling of individuality. The double pitched roof opens up and out onto the courtyard, pulling the inhabitants view forward and spilling light into the interior space.

Exploring the minimum in functional space: 305 sq. f. at ground floor level for the modules and 610  sq. f. for the community center ensures… and offers a chance to add additional communal modules, if needed. Using structural insulated panels and simple but durable materials, the modules stay well within budget and ensure multiple uses and tenants over the years.

Project architects: Dimitar Mehandjiev, Megan Lueneburg

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