Novi Iskar house panorama

family house in Novi Iskar

By Mehandjiev-architects, 11.2015

Novi Iskar house facade   Novi Iskar house panorama   Novi Iskar house view

Large family house near Sofia for a young family with plans for many children. Located high on the southern slopes of Stara Planina, with great views of the city, a major challenge was combining the functionally extensive program within budget, as well as the right solution for optimum use of the sun in winter and summer.

architects plan 0   architects plan 1   architects plan -1

The facade of the house is of two materials – a wooden lattice on outstretching side walls and basic white plaster. Thus, despite the one-volume, functional solution, a sense of dynamism and lightness is created. A major element of the solution is glazed conservatory with horizontal window blinds which will not overheat the summer and be warm enough in winter.

On the ground floor are the living rooms and a multipurpose room, study / guest room.

In the basement is a garage, storage and working space for the online business of the family. The level of the conservatory is raised to for better sun penetration in the deep living room volume.

Upstairs, towards the south-east are all four bedrooms, with a minimum number of bathrooms and master bedroom slightly larger than the children’s.

The tall roof allows for additional storage in the attic.

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