преустройство на къща

house addition for 7

By Mehandjiev-architects, 05.2015

A pro bono project for reconstruction and extension of the house for large family in Godech, near Sofia.

The existing house was too small for the 5 children and their parents who contacted us for help after the competition “My Dream House”.

With a very limited budget for construction, we needed maximum added space. Further, the outdated design of the existing house was a major challenge, such as its low and unusable attic. We focused the project on the attic’s reconstruction and upgrade.
We also added a building extension that goes to the lot line (with the permission of the neighbor, on “kalkan”) and which includes a boiler in the basement, kitchen on the first floor and a children’s room at the attic and much, much needed bathrooms – toilets on each floor.

The attic floor was converted completely: removing the old, unnecessary walls, we managed to fit 4 children’s rooms, one of which double – for the youngest, twins. Parents are at peace on the first ground floor where there are also living-dining room, large kitchen and easy access to the yard.

The project was prepared and donated by the team of architects Mehandjiev. Special thanks to all the talented designers who helped and donated their talent, namely:
Constr. eng. Albena Apostolova;
El. eng. Miroslav Yamakov;
Water eng. Velichka Karaulanova;
TK constr. eng. Ivan Miladinov;
HVAC eng. Blagovest Chomakov;
Survey eng. Nikolay Tashkov;
Visuals: arch. Deyan Yordanov
and the team of Diamond.bg led by eng. Miroslav Yorgov

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