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mountain cabin

By Mehandjiev-architects, 01.2016

планинска хижа   планинска хижа   планинска хижа

Project for a chalet situated high in the mountains, with extensive perspective and hard to use terrain.

The big slope, the high surrounding trees, and the reluctance of assignors for major interventions in the terrain was a challenge and a prerequisite for bold, innovative solution:Основните помещения -дневна, кухня и спалня – бяха повдигнати на второ ниво над терена, предоставяйки 360 градусова гледка около къщата. The main rooms – living, kitchen and bedroom – were raised at the second level above the ground, providing 360 degree views around the house.The first level of the house – a second bedroom and mechanical room –  are also raised, serving as a car shelter underneath and its roof makes a large south facing terrace to the second level.

m.architects plan mountain cottage

Thus the step of the house on the terrain is minimal, and the use of areas – most effective. The construction of the first two levels is of reinforced concrete, inner insulation concrete and visible concrete from the outside, and the third level is by prefabricated steel cage, produced in a factory and installed with equipment in place. Thick insulation ensures that increased facade area will not lead to an increase in energy consumption.


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