Lozenec m.architects view

Lozenets Black sea villa

By Mehandjiev-architects, 08.2015

архитектурен проект вила     архитектурен проект вила     архитектурен проект вила

The project represents a sea villa located near the village of Lozenets on the Black Sea coast. Clients, a family preparing for retirement, wanted a house that they would use on their own, in summer.

The rooms are arranged for use by a couple: a large transient living room and bedroom, facing the sea from the north-northeast, a small kitchen and additional premises towards the street.
The building has clean, minimalist style, in one volume, two materials: basic – white plaster, and gray granite on individual items. A large covered wooden porch includes a barbecue and outdoor stairs leading to the roof, where the client will exercise his hobby, astronomy.

Technological details are corresponding to summer use at higher temperatures, without active conditioning of the interior – such as wide eaves, increased clear height and tall windows to dispose of hot air, also light waterproofing of the roof in order to reflect solar radiation, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the house.

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