къща на дърво

treehouse by Iskar reservoir

By Mehandjiev-architects, 10.2016

къща на дърво
For 14 days scattered throughout the summer we and friends have built a treehouse, the dream of a little boy and his family.

The picturesque location at the foot of Plana mountain, near Iskar Dam before and visualization of the project:

Photos of the completed treehouse:

The house was built around a tall spruce, but does not lie on it, but steps on its own columns, because of the strength of the tree. In nature there is nothing right-angled and thus the form of our house is free, inspired by the crown of the spruce.

This also minimizes its on-ground size on behalf of more area up. The tree itself is not affected by the new construction, and we – at the cost of many bruises – saved all branches over the terrace.

The bottom of the house is shaped as a gazebo, the second floor has a place to play of 2 by 3 meters (or place to sleep for 3 comrades), and the top – a terrace for observation (and planning of pirate raids).


Photos from the construction process:

Project architects: Dima Ivanova, Dimitar Mehandjiev. With exceptional thanks to friends, without whom we wouldn’t manage: architects Georgi Tsvetkov, Hristian Kostoff, Thibault Paturle, also Vesela Bubova, Stefan Antonov, Ivan Ivanov, Paul Paturle, Mikhail Zheliazkov, Emilia Mehandjieva, Kalin Hristov and Slav Georgiev.

Views from the terrace at the top towards Plana and Lozen Mountain:

treehouse-10 treehouse-11


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