Architectural and design services

Our services include:
urban planning
architectural design
interior design
building renovation design
project proceeding and coordination
design and advertising
other services

Important note: terms below follow as closely as possible the Bulgarian Law on Spatial Planning (ZUT) and other related laws, and may vary from international definitions.

architect services consultation

architectural services – consultation

For land plots for new development:

– Preliminary consultation on choosing a real estate
– Analysis of development possibilities according to city (zoning and regulation) plans
– Legal, technical and environmental aspects of the property, possible problems for development
– Specification and preparation of design assignment and construction program
– Design of a conceptual proposal and visualizations
– Preparation of urban development proposals (“PUP” proposals) and  for “visa” (municipality approval for project design)

For existing buildings:

– Comprehensive assessment: functional, communication, economical aspects, structural condition
– Opportunities for reconstruction, renovation, additions
– Interior, functional, structural and technical solutions
– Opportunities for division, differentiation and change of use
– Drawings and area measurements for sale, city identification number, “technical passport” of a building, legalization

Important note: Within Sofia and Plovdiv we offer free on-site consultation: for example, opportunities for development according to the zoning and regulation plan; opportunities for reconstruction of an existing building or change of use. After this preliminary consultation, we specify the client’s needs and prepare detailed construction program, project assignment, bid and work schedule.

architect services - survey

architectural services – research

We prepare these projects independently or at the start of the design process:

– Measurements and lost drawings recreation, “technical passport” of a building
– Geological report
– Geodesic plot survey
– Construction survey (“engineer’s statement”) for small building changes, advertising, design changes to non-structural elements, fences and more.
– Constructive survey of an existing building, conversions and more.
– Other engineering surveys: Electrical, Water, HVAC, Energy Efficiency and other

architect services - urban planning

architectural services – urban planning

Consultation, proceeding and design of detailed urban development plans (“PUPs”) and changes in them:

– PUP-PR regulation plan – plan for regulation (borders, area, etc.) of land plots;
– PUP-PPZ plan for regulation and construction – plan for regulation of land plots and building development (new buildings height, total area, placement)
– PUP-PZ – plan for building development;
– PUP-RUP – detailed urban development plan with building roofline
– IPR, IPRZ, IRZ, IRUP- amendments to operational plans

In the following procedures:

– Change of use of property (e.g. from residential property to public use – shops, offices, etc.).
– Regulation of unregulated land (urban or agricultural) for development;
– Change or clarification of plot boundaries or other modification of the plot (e.g. merger, division, etc.);
– Changing building regulation properties (e.g. from low to medium height of building, from free standing buildings to row-houses, vise versa and other).

architect services - design

architectural design services

Development of investment projects in all necessary phases and parts of the design of residential and public buildings, interiors and installations “from the white sheet to the last pin”:

“Idea”, “technical” and “work” projects*, including following project parts:

– Architecture
– Construction, structural engineering
– Land survey
– Water systems, connection to utility networks
– Electrical systems, connection to utility networks
– Energy Efficiency
– Energy efficiency report
– Landscaping
– Technology
– Gasification
– Geological report
– Temporary traffic organization
– Waste management plan
– Safety and health plan
– Fire Safety

– Other, project-specific

*Important note: “idea”, “technical”  and “work” investment projects are the three main levels of drawings complexity, number of project parts and detailing and roughly correspond to “conceptual”, “design” and “construction” project drawings.

architect services - interior

architectural services – interior

Residential and public interior design:

– Conceptual design;
– Technical design for general construction works ( wall removal and addition, installations – plumbing, lighting, HVAC, El.);
– Detailed design for specific construction works and furniture

Implementation of interior projects:

– Onsite construction supervision;

– Furniture:

– Design
– Production
– Installation

architect services - renovation

architectural services – renovation

– Building renovation and rehabilitation;
– Building additions;
– Change of purpose and adaptation;
– Roof changes, construction of dormers, turrets and new floors;
– Partition and differentiation;
– Strengthening and reconstruction, rehabilitation of buildings structure;
– Rehabilitation of building installations and systems;
– Conservation, restoration of buildings – monuments of culture.

architect services coordination
architectural services – proceeding and coordination:

– Detailed regulation plan (“PUP”) authorization: preliminary documentation, “motivated proposal”, coordination with institutions;
– Approval of a new regulation plan (PUP): coordination with institutions;
– Land-use change procedures’
– Issuance of building design “visa” (municipality approval for project development): documentation, “motivated proposal”
-Issuance of building permit based on an investment project: coordination with institutions.

architect services advertising

architectural services – advertising and urban design:


Projects (architecture, design, construction, electrotechnical, health and other if necessary) of:

– Advertising, information elements (installations) and corporate branding on buildings;
– Self-standing advertising billboards and totems;
– Movable and temporary installations.

Development, design, production and placing schemes for installations (“movable objects”) for:

– Commercial outdoor activities, such as kiosks for food and beverages;
– Deployment of mobile equipment at stationary retailers, such as stalls for food and other goods, refrigerators;
– Placing tables and chairs for outdoor retailers incl. podiums;

“Placement schemes” for:

– Festivals and fairs pavilions,  installations and goods stands;
– Children’s and entertainment facilities;
– Holiday ornaments and decorations:
On street elements
Building decoration
Self-standing decorative furniture

architect services - modelling

architectural services – other

Preparation of:
– 3d visualizations and modeling

– Other design services
– Other technical drawings, (Evacuation schemes, etc.)

Contact us for a quote on your specific project (you may find more information on our architectural project fees here) or for other design services that are not listed. Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at proekt{*}, or just call us at +359 886 555 786.